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Sunday, 12 September 2010 16:00

Game 2 Recap

The Lake Norman Storm defeated the Cabarrus Stallions 14-6 in a hard fought win.  Although the Storm came out with the win, there are a lot of improvements that can be made.
On the positive side of things, the Storm had no problem moving the ball and had a good mix of run vs. pass.  Rushing for close to 80 yards on 13 carries, and throwing for close to 160 yards on 15 attempts, the Storm's offense marched up and down the field with ease.  However, the woes came inside the redzone, where the Storm turned the ball over three times.  A fumble and turnover on downs halted the drives three times within the 20 yard line.  Had the Storm been able to capitalize in the redzone, the score would have been different.
Although they came out with the win, the Storm have many improvements to make and are looking forward to playing Carolina on Saturday.
Character Builder- You often hear people praised for their play on the field.  Although on the field performance is important, how a person handles himself off the field can not only make someone a good player, but a respected person.
Thursday, 09 September 2010 11:45

Summer Camps 2009

Throughout the course the 2009 season, I got a lot of, “you’re the best quarterback ever!”  “Don’t forget me when you get to the NFL!” “Your the best quarterback this team has ever had!”  After the season, I ended with a 129.4 QB rating, 1563 passing yards, 27 passing touchdowns, and a 64.7 completion percentage.  Most of those recently mentioned stats were all league records.  As summer rolled around, it was time to head to a few camps, and once I arrived at the camps I was shocked.  Surrounded by hundreds of kids who “were the best quarterback ever,” was a humbling experience.

In early June, we went to the Clemson Football Camp.  Enveloped by hundreds of kids who all wanted to play for Clemson, it was hard to stand out from the crowd.   Mostly, I worked with the QB coach and learned some good warm up drills as well as proper mechanics.  While there, we did 7 on 7 drills, Dallas drills, and individual workouts.  At the camp, Clemson’s Jeff Scott(recruiting coordinator) could not emphasize more than he did on the fact that grades do matter.  Next, it was off to the Manning Passing Camp.

Arguably the best sports family ever, the Manning football camp lived up to its expectation as the best QB camp around.  Not only did I learn from Peyton and Eli, I was also surrounded by the best NFL players, college athletes, college coaches, NFL coaches, and high school coaches in the country.  When enveloped by so much knowledge, its impossible not to gain a plethora of valuable knowledge and proficiency.  I learned from Ken Anderson(former Bengals QB and Super Bowl contender), to not drop my shoulder and how to do a proper 1st drop back step.  I learned from Peyton the right way to turn, plant my feet and make an accurate throw on the left side of my body.  I learned from Jesse Palmer how to get the proper depth on a 5-step drop.  Jerrod Johnson(Current Texas A&M QB) taught me how to correctly throw a fade route.  Jed Fischer(Current Seahawks QB coach)  educated me on the right way to hold the ball while dropping back.  Also, beyond just football, I learned that having self-confidence is key.

Outside my league and local popularity, there is a big world out there of kids who desire to play college ball.  At the Clemson camp, Brian Dawkins talked about a good work ethic and how far that will get in football and life.  Motivated to work harder, practice better, and get better overall, the football camps I went to this summer helped me get better and realize how much better I need to get.  I am looking forward to using the skills I learned at the camps, and a great season!