SLCA Produced the League's Top Passer, Rusher and Receiver this Week
by  Jerry Schroeder DATE_FORMAT_LC5

SouthLake Christian Academy's offense was tough to stop this week, as it produced the league's top passer, rusher and receiver. Randy Schroeder threw for 233 and four touchdowns and Conner O'Donnell had 143 yards receiving. On the ground Robert Washington chipped in 165 yards. Demitri Allison helped SouthLake Christian Academy's passing attack out by catching four balls for 105 yards...

SouthLake Christian Academy's Schroeder and Caleb Hines have formed a dynamic duo this season, leading the league in both passing and receiving yards. Schroeder has thrown for 3334 yards this season, while Hines, a 5-foot-11 receiver, has 40 catches for 921 yards.

Geoff O'Donnell's team's Hines is a few successful plays short of surpassing 1,000 yards receiving this season. He needs only 79 receiving yards against Victory Christian Center to hit that benchmark.

SouthLake Christian Academy made the biggest jump in the national rankings this week, rising to 6,431 from 7,036. They were able to move up in the ranks after a 48-6 victory over Fayetteville Christian last week.

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