Randy Schroeder Takes Command of the Offense
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By: Chris Venzon (SouthLake Christian Academy Student and Huntersville Herald Intern)

No matter how you put, the SouthLake Christian Academy Football team looked impressive in their semi-final bout with the Fayetteville Christian Warriors. Fayetteville got off the bus with an aggressive attitude, looking to compete with a team that has allowed less than 57 points all year. However, the Eagle offense didn't give the Warriors a chance. They jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, scoring 41 straight points. When all said and done, the Eagles proved to be too much, winning 48-6. They advance to the State Championship for the first time in their school's history.

The stakes were high on a cool November night in Huntersville. A State Championship berth was up for grabs when the two teams kicked off. Fayetteville attempted to establish a smash-mouth approach, feeding senior running back Bernard Smalls the ball early and often. The momentum tight-roped between the two teams, as they struggled to gain control of the game. That all changed when Demitri Allison of SouthLake stepped onto the field.

On senior quarterback Randy Schroeder's second pass of the game he lofted a deep ball down the left sideline intended for Allison. Allison, who was playing with a sprained MCL, snagged the ball and scored. It was his first of three touchdowns in the first half.

Schroeder was in command of the offense, directing traffic in SouthLake's up-tempo style of offence. He finished 6-9 completions with 193 yards and 3 touchdowns, all in the first half.

Fayetteville scrambled to respond. Junior quarterback Tyler Sweatt responded by leading a 7 play, 68 yard drive that culminated in a touchdown. It was the first touchdown SouthLake had given up since October 5. After a missed extra point, the momentum slowly had begun to swing towards Fayetteville in a 7-6 ballgame. However, a few controversial officiating calls slowed the game to a crawl, and the Warriors were unable to build on their newly acquired confidence.

Early in the game, there were a few pivotal moments decided by the game's referees. The zebras attempted to contain an edgy game with high stakes. Overall, they succeeded. The players, coaches, and fans that tested the official's boundaries and were swiftly shut down by the men in stripes. Yellow flags flew all night. There were twelve penalties, a near ejection, and two sideline warnings. A fan was almost tossed for hollering instructions to a player from the sidelines. While all this may have been uncalled for, it was clear who was in control.

SouthLake coach Geoff "Bub" O'Donnell shared his thoughts after the game. He was immensely proud of his seniors.
"We have come back from about as bad as it gets when these (seniors) were freshmen. We didn't have much! This is a true American success story; to go from the very bottom to the very top in four years is incredible. I am so proud of my boys."
If SouthLake is to make a true American success story, they have one more game.